Week van de Fairtrade dag 1 : Sinaasapelsap


Puur en ongezoet sinaasappelsap uit concentraat. Zonder toegevoegde suiker, smaakstoffen of kunstmatige kleurstoffen. In hergebruikfles.

Totaal Fairtrade ingrediënten : 100%
Ingrediënten : uit concentraat van sinaasappel van Brazilië en Cuba.

Graciela from Brazil : Orange juice is so refreshing, isn’t it? The oranges for this juice come from my country, Cuba. Between December and April I go out into the fields to help with the orange harvest. The fields are worked by farmers who belong to our cooperative, José Martí. As well as working in the fields I also have a job as a cook in the mornings. We can’t export directly from Cuba. That is why our cooperative joined Anap, a governmental organisation representing small farmers. Our oranges are sent to a processing plant in Ceballos, in the heart of the citrus-growing area of the province Ciego de Avila. There they are processed into concentrate. This concentrate is frozen and shipped to your country, where water is added to make this delicious juice. Fair trade has brought about a lot of changes in recent years. We now have money to renovate our homes, and also to make our work in the fields easier. For instance, we recently installed an electronic irrigation system, which saves us a lot of work. Our homes now have solid floors instead of just beaten earth. We now have somewhere cosy to return to after work.